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A Forest Bathing walk is a sensory experience. It’s different from any other type of walk in nature that you have ever experienced.

Explore the charms and spill yourselves for genuineness in a territory marked by lush landscapes. Enjoy the diversity and beauty of unique landscapes with lush green plains and cultivated fields.

Indulge in the typical gastronomy that inherits recipes full of flavor and generations-old stories. Let yourself be enchanted by the imposing Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Relive the History of Portugal under the Gothic arches of the monument that bring together, in harmony, the traits of the greatest geniuses of architecture and the art of stonework.



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See Portugal as you never saw


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Arrival at Lisbon Airport. At arrival our representative will meet you to take you to your hotel. Check in Procedures and briefing. Visit the coolest city of the moment and considered the best city break and best destination in the world according to World´s Travel Awards. Indulge yourself across the glamorous Avenida da Liberdade, starting the route in the majestic Marquês de Pombal Square to Rossio, historic center. Restaurants, shops and bars here and there. Just a stone's throw from the Moorish quarter, stroll through the narrow, winding alleyways with stunning views. Contemplate the Tagus of the Terreiro do Paço, place from where the caravels left in search of new seas. Ride on the historical Tram, this vintage tram is an attraction itself. This is a historic tram that takes you in a route along the oldest and most typical narrow streets of the old town. The trip is hilly, noisy and hectic but it affords many beautiful glimpses of the city. Lunch & dinner free.




Breakfast at the hotel. Sintra is, by excellence, the most mystical and romantic destination in Portugal and considered a Unesco World Heritage Site. His sudden and mysterious mists; the farms, palaces and mansions that dot the green of the mountains; and the novels, poems and other works of art he has already inspired; have helped to make this village a unique destination, magical and absolutely enthralling. Sintra is a picturesque Portuguese village, located in the center of the hills of the Serra de Sintra. This slightly cooler climate attracted the nobility and elite of Portugal, whose build exquisite palaces, extravagant residences and decorative gardens. In the historical center there are beautiful cobbled streets, filled with shops and traditional cafes. Today you will experience a Forest Bathing walk. A Forest Bathing walk is a sensory experience. It's different from any other type of walk in nature that you have ever experienced. Calm walks of no more than one kilometer, immerse in nature, lasting from 2 to 3 hours. There will be a series of “guided suggestions” that will support the awakening of your senses and will allow you to establish a nature connection. Free lunch in Cascais. Dinner free.




Breakfast at the hotel. Mafra it is home to Palácio Nacional de Mafra, Portugal’s extravagant convent-palace hybrid with 1200 rooms. Nearby is the beautiful former royal park, Tapada Nacional de Mafra, once a hunting ground and still teeming with wild animals and plants, Ericeira is a seaside resort, famous for its beauty as well as its surf break. While Santa Maria da Vitória, Batalha´s Monastery listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site for over 30 years, this monument of particular beauty, one of the most impressive monuments in the country. It was built to commemorate the victory of the Portuguese over the Castillians at the battle of Albubarrota in 1385. Free lunch. Dinner free.




Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning do not miss to visit CIBA, Interpretation Center of the Battle of Aljubarrota, A 21st museum which takes you back to 1385. The best-preserved battlefield of the Hundred year´s War. Time to enjoy the city and for a free lunch. In the afternoon a a Mills hiking trail of 3 hours (6.7kms) on your own. Besides fauna and flora, along the trail you will also find several mills, some of which are still in operation. The first is the "Cassaca" mill, used to transform grain into flour for the the locals of "Pia do Urso", "Crespos" and "Casais". Next up, you will pass by the "Zé Cuco" mill, which was in ruins for a long time, until one of the owner's sons, who was a cereal grinder, ended up rebuilding it. The next to appear will be the "Manuel" mill followed by the "Mocho" mill. Right in front of this, you can see the ruins of the "São Mamede" Chapel.While hiking this trail you are using the path used by pilgrims in the 16th century while going to "Fátima", particularly at "Carreiro das Lajes" . From this point, you will find the "Murrial" and its mills, whose construction dates unknown. Out of a total of ten mills, only two remain.After "Castelinho" mill and getting close to the finishing point, you will find the "Pia do Urso" Sensory Ecopark which is a trail that brings you in contact with nature and where numerous plant and animal species can be observed. The first one in the country entirely conceived to provide an experience of the surrounding environment for those with visual impairments. It's a magical place that worth to visit at no rush... Time to go back to the Hotel and to chill around the Bar. Lunch and Dinner free.




Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning “Buraco Roto” hiking trail of 02h30 (6kms) on your own. This trail milestone is the cave "Buraco Roto" that is stunning both for its beauty and for the landscape which surrounds it. A pretty waterfall is created during the rainy season, as a result of the water which seeps through the upper regions of massive limestone. This is also a forested area covered with oak, laurel and cork trees. Please bear in mind that is advisable that you do not visit the cave alone, shelter for different species of bats, doing it preferably in non-rainy days. You will then get to a path, used as a shortcut by pilgrims going towards "Fatima", after which comes "Vale do Malhadouro" (Malhadouro Valley),a place where the limestone cliffs are appropriate for rock climbing. This is one of the most well-known areas in Portugal for this mountain sport. To the left, between the wooden and stone stairs, you'll find the "Chaminé"(Chimney), a natural phenomenon that is the result of water and wind erosion. Once down the stone stairs, the "Piada Ovelha" is on the left, a large natural cavern. The valley is home to many species and wildlife is abundant. As for the flora, the orchids stand out for their rarity and beauty. Further south, you will pass through a small neck (a well-defined hollow in a mountainous area) to where the ascent is made by means of a winding trail taking you to the highest point of the trek, at an altitude of approximately 400 metres. Once there, you will come across with farmland where maize and potatoes, among other crops, are still cultivated. After that, you go down to the "Vale da Pena", where you'll once again reach the center of town and point of departure.
Departure and Arrival: "Largo Praça da Fonte", Fountain Square, "Reguengo do Fetal “- GPS: N 39º 38'23.32'' | W 08º45'47.22'' Type of Trail: Circular, short route, along rural roads, paths and sidewalks Trail Length: 6 kms (with duration aApproximately 2h30 and level of difficulty: 2 out of 4) Recommended Season: All year round

Head to Alcobaça. Santa Maria de Alcobaça Monastery-Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, in 1989, this magnificent monastery is one of the finest and most impressive examples of Cistercian architecture in Europe. Although it was built almost 900 years ago, themonastery still preserves these to fits mediaeval buildings. The church is the largest primitive Gothic church built in Portugal in the Middle Ages. In Alcobaça you need to go to the "Alcoa" pastry shop and try several conventual pastries, amongst which the "Cornucopia" is one of the most famous and drink "Ginginha", a berries Portuguese liqueur. Continue to Nazaré. Admire the stunning view from the belvedere over the beach and village,one of the most famous in Portugal. Then come down to the village by a funicular trip. Enjoy a stroll by the beach sidewalk and meet the local fish woman’s and eventually you will be able to admire their drying fish activities. Free Lunch at local Restaurant: Good opportunity to have fresh fish or sea food. Dinner free. Last but not least, the medieval village of Óbidos. Obidos has been named as a national monument because of its rich medieval history. The town has indeed a romantic ambience to it that lures even the most skeptical visitor to partake of its delights. The most significant part of the village lies within a formidable fortress and the houses add charm to the town with their white walls and blue trimmings complemented by flower boxes filled with a riot of colors.




Breakfast at the hotel. The Veado Verde / Green Deer challenges you to live an experience in Lousa Mountain that includes unique activities, hiking and visiting the Schist Villages. We will observe flora and fauna, giving special attention to the deer, ex-libris of the Lousa Mountain. Get ready, because the beauty of an evergreen mountain will leave you dazzled! If you are nature tourism lover or simply need to be away from the stress and chaos of the city, the Veado Verde / Green Deer gives you an unforgettable trip to the Lousa Mountain, taking you to observe one of the most well-kept treasures of this mountain, the deer in the wild. This tour will combine observation of some species of fauna, namely the deer, its vestiges and territorial markings, but also bucks and wild boars and the diversity of its flora that paints the mountains and makes its landscapes breathtaking. The cultural and human aspect of the schist villages is also part of this tour. We will go to Gondramaz, a unique opportunity to know the life and traditions of this mountain people. Finally, we will visit Loucainha natural pools. Light lunch included. Dinner free.




Breakfast at the hotel and check out procedures.
Transfer to the Airport. Have a nice flight back home.

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