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Street art has long been a part of Portuguese culture, and after the democratic revolution of 1974, this artistic form of expression rapidly increased. If you are looking for cutting-edge street art, you will most definitely find it in the mesmerizing country of Portugal, especially in Lisbon, one of the European epicenters of the street art movement.

A lot of time passed since the city council of Lisbon realized that good-quality street art can be an asset. The city’s liberal regulations toward street art and its efforts in making abandoned buildings available to artists resulted in an unparalleled enthusiasm for urban and street art. Walking through the streets of Lisbon and Porto it appears like every surface displays a portrait, image of an animal or a stenciled message.



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See Portugal as you never saw


Tour Plan


DAY 1 – LISBON Duration 5 hours


Get to Know Lisbon industrial art districts. Visit the ‘Lx Factory’, a creative space with restaurants, studios, shops and a co-work in an urban industrial environment, occupied by designers, artists and architects. Visit also the ‘Village Underground’ area, with an original architectural structure, made up of marine containers transformed into certified incubators for the creative industries. The containers are all painted by graffitis which make this kind of a unique art installation in the city. Know some of the street art murals of famous artists such as Bordalo II, Vhils, The Empty Belly, How&Nosm, among others. Visit Lisbon guetto area (don’t worry, it’s safe!) where the facades are painted with huge murals of graffitis. Along the way we’ll visit another hype area in Lisbon, Xabregas, where you’ll have the opportunity to see other nice street art works of Mário Belém, Hugo Makarov, Pichi&Avo and Aka Corleone. Here we’ll visit the ‘Underdogs Art Gallery’ where you find a solo exhibition of Pichi&Avo.

You will feel creative, authenticity and you will do pass by Lisbon industrial art districts, learn about the work of well-known artists like Bordalo II and Vhils, visit Lx Factory and Village Underground and get to know some hidden mural of graffiti that only locals know.

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